Tell your story in a pictorial…

Let’s face it. Average presentations get average results. With the current success rate of start up ventures achieving capitalization, average results aren’t looking that attractive. You need to differentiate your opportunity in a manner that far exceeds the expectation of your audience, setting the bar for what you know your opportunity can return to them in the future.

Executive Summary Example

The Executive Summary.

Think of it as the dating game. Your first impression is crucial in earning the right to present to your intended audience. Remember, they need to understand what your are doing before they can begin to believe in your endeavor. As much as we hate to acknowledge it, there is more going on in the business world than just your current venture, even though it does’t seem that way when you’re fully immersed and vested in your company launch. Differentiating your opportunity from the rest of the pile begins with your succinct messaging and ability to translate that graphically.

The Business Plan.

We’ve all been through the process of writing a business plan, but are words and Google clip art enough? Ensure your compliance in rights managed imagery, as well as custom infographics that explain YOUR message, not something similar. It’s not uncommon for your chances of capitalization to come down to a single forecast and infographic, and an investor wants to know that the bottom line means enough to you to make it stand out. This is your opportunity to show why your venture deserves their financial support, and there is no second chance.

Business Plan Example
Presentation Deck Example

The Investor Deck

Tone. Inflection. Expertise. Rapport. None of these matter if your presentation is visually off-putting or amateurish. Even if you are market ready, you need to look market ready from start to finish. Make an impression your audience can buy into. Serious investors watch your level of confidence just as much as your business opportunity throughout your presentation. One skipped slide due to an embarrassing or poorly thought through graphic can be the difference between success and… “we’ll get ’em next time”. Imagine your confidence with a presentation deck than exceeds that of even your potential financial partner’s own ventures.